June 21, 2017 Positive. People. 0

Today’s “Triple P” post is about FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS.

How many of you know people who give up too soon? People who are right in the path of turning over a new leaf, getting rid of a bad habit that’s been holding them back, and/or on the verge of explosive growth?

I know plenty of people like this. They make me sick sometimes. They have everything they need to win in life but get beat down by the negative opinions of society and others. All of them are good people, but just need a little motivation.

Here are a few things you can do to increase your level of motivation and focus your energy.

1) QUIT TRIPPIN ON STUPID PEOPLE. If he ain’t acting right, fire him. If she just can’t get it together, fire her. If you don’t like your job, quit. Life is simply too short to compromise your future. Of course it is difficult. It’s more difficult though to live a life less than you deserve. Don’t trip. Get rid of the “heaviness” of life; dump anything, anyone, or any thinking holding you back.

2) QUIT WHINNG OVER WHO DON’T LIKE YOU. So many people allow others to define what they do, say, and how they act. Not me. I love people and helping them grow, but I love myself as well. I like me. What a novel concept in today’s world. Love yourself with all the energy you can muster. People are going to gossip, talk about, and hate on you no matter what you do so give your haters something to really talk about. Go out and become massively successful in your area of interest or expertise. Invest your time, mental energy, and total effort into you. Be your own cheerleader and fan club.

3) QUIT BEING LOW BUDGET AND PETTY. Many people get bogged down in the affairs of others either directly or indirectly. Bad spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, etc. who bring constant drama and low budget thinking should be removed from your life experience. Take a moment to think about what life will be like when they are gone away from you. No one can steal your joy and happiness unless you allow them to do so. Put a great big sign on your forehead that says, “I ain’t the one. You bet not bring that nonsense over here.” Stand your ground and don’t allow people to walk all over you.

TAKEAWAY: This is the only life you’ve got. There are no “do overs.” Don’t waste your precious time on ignorant petty people who probably don’t really like you in the first place. Love yourself the way God made you.