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Today’s “Triple P” post is about CHANGING. IMPROVING. GROWING.

Why are some people afraid of these three simple little words? There are simply too many theories to explore to explain “why” this is the case. I don’t know the answer either. I just know what I’ve experienced.

Here are a few reasons I believe these three little simple words have power.

1) CHANGE. I get it. Change can be scary and uncomfortable. Plunging into the unknown can be very unsettling. However, staying stuck in situations that do not bring you joy and happiness is a far worse fate. Don’t be afraid to change, be afraid of being irrelevant. Besides, old habits and ideas will not create new future possibilities and opportunities. Make change a mental priority.

2) IMPROVEMENT. Perfection does not exist. What does exist is continuous improvement. The little baby steps. The little victories that add up over time. The idea is to become better and better over time. We all have room for self-improvement. Make improving yourself a top mental and physical priority.

3) GROWTH. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 1000 times. In order to grow you have to provide yourself with the proper nourishment. So the first question is making the decision that you want to grow. The second question is what type of nourishment are you going to feed yourself in order to grow and be successful? My strategy has always been very simple. Remove negative influences from your life at every level and replace them with positive influences. Next, use that positive energy to take massive action towards your goals. Feed your mind and your body only healthy influences.

TAKEAWAY: In order to change, improve, and grow you will find yourself walking alone many times. This is OK, and normal when you’re elevating yourself to a new level of thinking and peak performance. Other peak performers will find you in the universe and collaborate with you in order to continue your change, improvement, and personal growth.

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