April 12, 2017 Positive. People. 0

Today’s “Triple P” post or positive post for the posse is about SELF RESPECT.

 1. pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.

Do you have self respect for well…yourself?

When you have self respect, your self-esteem and faith in oneself will be evident in how you treat others, talk, and how you behave in public and behind closed doors. To be one way in public and another in private has to be exhausting on the mind. But for some, it’s difficult to have pride, dignity, morale, self-confidence, and happiness when you’ve been kicked by life. I understand that too!!

Here are a few things I do daily to increase my self respect and get more out of life.

FIND A TRASH DUMPSTER. I certainly don’t mean to call people trash, but sometimes their behavior stinks. They bring a level of “trash thinking” in your life that causes confusion, pain, and suffering. You can’t afford to leave this smelly stuff sitting around in your life; take out the trash whether they “like it” or not. You deserve a trash free life.

KEEP IT REAL. When I do something stupid, I’m the first to know. Watch out for the type of person who pretends to be one way, but in truth is another. You can spot these power players by how they flaunt an air of superiority, but are really scared and lost. In reality they have low self esteem. Pray for these life pretenders, but get them far away from YOU!!

THE BUSY BEE. Do you know people who are always “busy” but never seem to accomplish much of anything? All of our lives are nothing more than a culmination of the decisions we’ve made up to this point. If your hustle is real and legit, it will be reflected in your life and lifestyle; in your self esteem. Don’t mistake motion for action.

Remember, be RELENTLESS in pursuit of your dreams!

What is the “TripleP” Challenge? 

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