September 21, 2016 Positive. People. 0

Today’s “Triple P” post or positive post for the posse is about CHANGE.

What is change?

 1. make or become different.
* alter in terms of.
* synonyms:
* alter, make/become different, adjust, adapt, amend.

Things are changing and changing fast. Not just in our country’s politics, but more fundamental change around the world. How we embrace and react to all these changes is going to determine our collective future together. We are ALL interdependent on one another whether we admit it or not. Here are just few changes shaping our reality today.

  1. Speeding up – Everything is speeding up thanks to our obsession with technology and efficiency – although whether anything is actually moving in the right direction is a moot point.
  2. Anxiety – Trust has all but evaporated (people don’t trust institutions like government or the police any longer) and the speed of change, together with technology that disempowers, has left people yearning for the past. This insecurity is to some extent generational but whether you’re eighteen or eighty there is a general feeling of powerlessness. This in turn is fueling everything from an interest in nostalgia to the growth in narcissism, localization and tribalism.
  3. Demographic change – Demographics is the mother of all trends (or, as someone more eloquently once put it, (‘demographics is destiny’). The biggest demographic shift around the world is ageing. In 1950 80% of US households were the traditional 2 parent & kids nuclear family. Now the figure is 47%.

Be RELENTLESS in pursuit of your dreams.

What is the “TripleP” Challenge?

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