Defying the Odds Academy – Colleges and Universities

The Challenges:

  • Time Management. Problem: College is academically challenging. Study habits
  • Tuition costs rising.
  • Spreading Yourself Too Thin. Juggling with job, not enough sleep. Need to prioritize.
  • Stress level and creates emotional lows.
  • Sickness/Health Conditions. Poor self-care.
  • Social Problems. Establishing connections, friends.
  • Excessive leading to problems.


Academy Objectives:

Defying the Odds for Students – for students getting ready for college, current university students, or any age of student. Increase your knowledge retention and set your life course for success now.

  • System of Memory – Learn how to get better grades and retain knowledge
  • Learn how to develop and maintain a positive mindset for life
  • Learn how to dream and develop strategies to set, track and reach your goals.
  • Setting Goals – How to set your course, plan now, and start early
  • Learn Dr. Nash’s Success Principles to Defy The Odds
  • Identify habits and tools to prioritize your time, eliminate distractions and focus on your goals.


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