July 12, 2017 Positive. People. 0

Today’s “Triple P” post is about WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?Ask most people what they want to be and they will tell you they want a lot money, fame, fortune, and power. While there is nothing inherently evil about these things, there simply has to be more to life.

With so much suffering in the world and so many people struggling to make ends meet, I believe we have a responsibility to help one another – to be more.

Here a few strategies to help you get whatever you want out of life and hopefully give a little back to those who could use some help.

1) TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR TIME. Every minute you waste on an idiot is a minute you cannot get back. Stop putting hours into folks who don’t even invest a second into you. Who wants to spend precious time waiting for someone to change or get with the “life” program? Ask yourself a simple question, “Am I wasting my time dealing with this person?” If the answer is “yes” then it’s time to move on.

2) THINK OUTSIDE YOUR MIND BOX. This is a much overused phrase I know, but it’s true and makes sense in a lot of ways if you think about it. When we change our thinking, we change our reality. Aristotle said it best, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” Did you know when we use negative words, take negative actions, or ingest loads of negative information we become more negative? Therefore, it’s vitally important we are careful what we say, what we do, and who we associate ourselves with in life. Negative people will bring negativity into your life, while positive, optimist people tend to bring joy and happiness. Make joy and happiness a repeated habit.

3) BE UNSTOPPABLE. Whether it is your personal or professional life, never give up on your goals or dreams. Yes you will have obstacles and all sorts of distractions along the way, it’s all part of the process. People you thought would be in your corner will abandon you, family and so-called friends will not understand you, and the broader secular society will attempt to chastise you and put you in your little corner in the world. It’s all part of the program. Keep moving forward anyway. Eventually, your enemies will tire and life will relent. Good always wins over evil in the end. Do good and become unstoppable.

TAKEAWAY: Whatever it is you want to do or be in life requires you to take control of your time, use your mind in an unconventional manner and be unstoppable in your pursuit. As you move forward, all manner of barriers, hurdles, and stumbling blocks will be placed in your path by a wide cross-section of interests. Understand and fully appreciate each obstruction, impediment, and hindrance as nothing more than a brilliantly disguised opportunity to learn, grow, and prosper. Remember, a diamond is formed only after being placed under enormous pressure. Be a diamond.