July 5, 2017 Positive. People. 0

Today’s “Triple P” post or positive post for the posse is about SELF-DEVELOPMENT VS. SELF-DESTRUCTION.

How many of you know people who are hell-bent on destroying themselves? No matter what happens to them in life, they always find a way to end up on the short end of the deal. They are famous for sabotaging and undermining their own greatness. I don’t want people to suffer in this way. There is an alternative and it’s called self-development as opposed to self-destruction.

Here a few things you may want to consider in continuing to develop your greatness.

1) HAVE A CONVERSATION. The most important conversation you will have in your entire life is with yourself. Once you get to know yourself, it’s easier to interact with the world around you. If you do not know yourself, it’s very difficult to understand not only who you are, but what your purpose is on the planet. Take the time to sit down and talk to yourself. It’s OK to answer back.

2) MAKE UP YOUR MIND. So many people are wishy-washy when it comes to making commitments on projects, people, and places. They want all the benefits of the association, without doing the work. Zig Ziglar said it best. “You get what you want out of life, when you help enough other people get what they want out of life.” Help other people.

3) DEVELOP STEEL NERVES. In life, things are going to always happen to you. Always plan for the unexpected. Whether it’s personal or business relationships, there are those who are destined to bring “stinking thinking” into your life. Have the courage to take out the trash and not let them interfere with your forward momentum.

TAKEAWAY: Stop self-destructive behavior and other vices that take you off your game plan. Instead, focus on self-development and becoming the best version of you. In the end YOU are all YOU’VE got. Self love is crucial to self-development.