April 26, 2017 Positive. People. 0

Today’s “Triple P” post or positive post for the posse is about HUMAN BEINGS.

Maybe we are not as sophisticated as we think? Who spends billions of dollars to invent weapons to destroy all of humanity? For what purpose does this serve our collective humanity? Here is an excerpt from a manuscript I recently read that made me think about how non sophisticated we can be at times.

“There’s no consensus on the question of what makes us special, or whether we even are. The biggest point of contention is whether our cognitive abilities differ from those of other animals “in kind,” or merely in degree. Are we in a class by ourselves or just the smartest ones in our class?”

I believe we are idiots sometimes. No other species on the planet behave the way we humans do. We lie, cheat, and steal for no reason at all. We put each down, display jealousy and envy towards one another, and will kill one another over a pair of tennis shoes.

The article furthered stated, “Humans may not use tools and express emotions exactly like other animals, but that doesn’t exempt us from animal status. No two species share exactly the same sets of behavior. But we also share far too much in common to pretend that we are some form of life that transcends animal status.”

What do you think about us?