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Dr. Troy Nash’s Top 3 reasons People Achieve their Success:

Today’s “Triple P” post or positive post for the posse is about GOOGLE MAPS.

Everybody has an opinion; a so-called “formula” for success. I don’t know what your formula is, but I can share what has worked for me for the most part in hopes it may be helpful to you in your journey. Here are three strategies I’ve developed over many years. I’m still learning.

1). STRATEGIC PLANNING. Where there is no plan, there is no direction. You MUST have a strategy for your life because your life is important. You matter. Don’t blow in the wind like a leaf because you may land somewhere you don’t want to be. Watch out for leaf blowers.

2). FOCUS. Focus is key. Don’t get sidetracked by little stuff and/or small-minded people. Focus like your life depends on the outcome. No matter what’s going on around you, don’t stop moving forward. Do not let people position you into mediocrity or throw water on your fire. Fan your own flames.

3). DISCIPLINE. “How do you post those positive messages EVERY single day?” This was a question I was recently asked. My response. “It’s easy. I post everyday just like I shower everyday. To me showering in NOT an option.” Sometimes I post twice in one day, so you know I’m really clean. That one may take a while to get, but you get the point. Become discipline and develop good habits if you want to be clean. Create good habits and add order to this some times crazy world we live in. Become disciplined and become an unstoppable force. Post positive stuff everyday in your own life. Be disciplined.

Create. Achieve. Inspire.

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