February 22, 2017 Positive. People. 0

Today’s “Triple P” post or positive post for the posse is about EXPERTS.

How many of you know people, who know everything? You know the kind. They always talk about themselves. They don’t actively listen because well…it’s all about them. No matter what the topic, the conversation ALWAYS finds its way back to, you guessed it! Themselves. These people are Ok, but they are just a little sick. To avoid being this type of human being, I recommend the following prescriptions. They are free and you can get them over the “counter of life.”

1). HUMILITY. Take two strong doses immediately when you first wake up. This will help you get through the day. Start off everyday with something positive. I make up these positive posts every morning. The process focuses my mind in a positive manner preparing me to handle any and everything the day will bring. Some folks are crazy and I refuse to let them steal my joy and happiness.

PRESCRIPTION: Avoid fake, high strung, self centered people as they may cause “life drowsiness.” Be humble and appreciative and others will genuinely be drawn to you.

2). HELPING OTHERS. I love people and searching for ways to be helpful to them. I don’t want to be remembered by how much money I made, how big my house was, or the car I drove and the clothes I wore. I want to be remembered as a good man and someone who tried to help other people despite all of my personal flaws, shortcomings, defects, faults, imperfections, deficiencies, limitations, failings, drawbacks, fears, and weaknesses (I’m sure there are other words to use, but you get the point. I ain’t perfect).

PRESCRIPTION: Avoid people who never help anyone but themselves and only “take” instead of giving something back. Apply steady “positive pressure” on their wounded ego in hopes they will recover. If not, drop them off at the emergency room and pray for them. How do you want to be remembered?

3). LISTEN MORE. As much as I like to talk and run my big mouth, I love listening to people’s stories. Learning from them. Figuring out how to help them make life work. I am not a trained therapist, psychologist, or medical professional but like all of you, I’ve had life experiences, some good, some bad that could be used to help encourage others. However, what I am is a person tired of negative energy and people making our communities, and world a nasty place to live.

PRESCRIPTION: Avoid people who are bad listeners as they can cause a serious rash and irritation. You will waste an enormous amount of time, energy, and “life effort” on them. Try listening and focusing on the other person, they are important too!!

Remember, be RELENTLESS in pursuit of your dreams!

What is the “TripleP” Challenge?

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